Sep 18, 2003
another demma's night

So it's early thursday morning and I just got back from the bar. I went with Paul and Sarah, and after Paul and Sarah left this 43 year old woman hit on me. She asked me if my girlfriend left, meaning Sarah, and I said yes, but she's not actually my girlfriend.  Well until next time, Later, Tommy

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Sep 17, 2003
like anyone reads this crap anyway!

yeah hey so I just got back from Indiana. I was visiting my dad.  We got pretty drunk and had some pizza. It was a good time. Over the weekend I saw Matchstick Men and it was pretty damn good. I totally have a crush on Alison Lohman. It so turns out her birthday is 2morrow. She's gonna be 24. Like I'll ever be with her. I've been thinking lately that I'll never be with anyone. Every girl I meet is already in a relationship, but you probably don't wanna here about it. So til next time, Later, Tommy

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Sep 14, 2003
another FUN day!!

Yeah so I worked 2night and I finally met the new girl, Sarah. She's pretty damn cool and she listens to the same music as I do. We didn't do much work 2night, we just chilled on the roof and bullshitted a lot. Yep so this is my Fun day. Nothing exciting ever happens in my life and I hate being single. Later, Tom

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